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Welcome, we are so excited you found yourself on our page, and hope you will stay, join our tribe, and become the healthiest and happiest version of YOU! 

Through our unique wellness experiences, we aim to not only give you the tools to transform your body and mind but also laugh your way through life and live life to the fullest.

After working in the fitness and wellness industry for over decade, we witnessed a common struggle among our clients, peers, and fellow New Yorkers. The stress of being “healthy” was leaving individuals exhausted, feeling defeated, and overwhelmed. Being healthy should feel empowering. Being fit is a feeling and not a size. Somewhere along the way, we all lost track of how simple it really is to be healthy, happy and dare we say, “balanced.”

We came together to create a company that encompasses our passion for taking care of our bodies, while celebrating our love of living life. Our eclectic backgrounds consisting of functional training, Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, Meditation, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching have enabled us to create programs and experiences for individuals and companies alike. 

Don’t get us wrong, we definitely enjoy our wine and dark chocolate, and you won’t find us living in the gym! We work out because it makes us feel powerful, we eat nutrient dense foods that make us feel energized and prioritize rest & recovery to ensure a balanced mind and body. It’s only through maintaining these core values, that we have found success in our own lives and in the lives of our clients. We capture these values in our events, corporate wellness philosophy and retreats. We provide individuals with the tools they need to live life, take charge and not just survive!


Nedra & Holly